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Side-Manavgat, Turkey

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Overlook Side-Manavgat cycling opportunities along with historic and cycling specific POIs...

Side easy spin, 20km

Recreational spin within beach hotel area.

100% flat asphalt.

A bit of cycling roads, a bit of civil streets and local roads with low to medium traffic, passing by pine forests or agricultural areas.

A good warm up or slow down between intensive rides as well as recovery training.

Please, see the Map for details.

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Manavgat grivel, 23.7km

Easy ride with 9km grivel segment along the left bank of Manavgat river.

Grivel segment include steep 60m ascend at the end.

The rest is asfalt secondary roads of Manavgat suberbs.

Enjoy the alternative, non-bus window look of Manavgat area.

Please, see the Map for details.

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Manavgat, Seleucia Pamphylian, 17.3km (one way)

Historic sightseeing on the ride.

Total 35km with 350m ascend. Start and finish near Titriengol lake.

95% asphalt with two grivel segments leading to Delikgozler and Akcay aqueducts (possible to bypass by main road).


  • Hisar castle in Manavgat

  • MANAVGAT MUNICIPALITY CITY MUSEUM (Ethnography), Address: A. Hisar, AŞAĞI, 4517. Sk. NO:3-1, 07600 Manavgat/Antalya, Turkey, Phone: +90 242 742 10 50. Recommend to visit separately from the cycling trip.

  • Delikgozler aqueduct

  • Naras ancient bridge, Dikmen

  • Akcay aqueduct, Dikmen

  • Yuksekkemer aqueduct, Bucakseyhler

  • Seleucia Pamphylian (Lyrbe)

Please, see the Map for details.

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Manavgat, Syrtkoy(Etenna Pamphylian), 29.7km (one way)

This is a cycling trip to the nearly wild archaeological site of Etenna ancient town in the mountain region near Manavgat, Turkey.

60km, 1000m total ascend round trip to the wild ruins of Pamphilian town Etenna near Syrtkoy village.

Please take care you have water enough for your weather conditions. There is the only water spring on the way approaching Syrtkoy village (3km before it).

The road is 100% asphalt and after first 12km it mostly wild (no villages).

Syrtkoy is 750m altitude and Etenna ruins are on the slope near by on about 850m.

See Etenna Pamphilian on Wikipedia...

If you can't stand exploring wild we advice to have a pair of thick pants and cross shoes with you. It'll let you fully enjoy climbing bushes on the slope and discover more ancient ruins.

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Please, see the Map for details.

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Manavgat, Kepez, 65.9km

66km, 1700m total ascend asphalt round trip with 12km gravel climb in the middle.

Good training, great views. The track leads into nearly wild area behind the first mountain chain from the sea cost.

Please, see the Map for details.

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Manavgat, Orokenda, Sennea, Yailaalan, Tirkiler , 88.4km

This is a quite intensive bicycle excursion 88km with total ascend of +1850m.

Include mainly asphalt with very intensive 9km +400m grivel section.

Pamphylian town Orokenda ruins

Territory situated in the pasture agricultural lands, elevation 235m.

Archaeolodical site is in wild condition which somehow helps to "feel the spirit" of the place...

Ancient Pamphylian settlment Sennea

Yaylaalan grivel section

9km +400m ascend heavy grivel section from Oymapinar to Yaylaalan.

Wild, hard and spectacular.


  • Oymapinar dam

  • Carst springs in Manavgat river

  • Seljuk Caravanserai ruins, Gozyami aqueduct and shipsresk (on the territory with restricted access)

  • Karst cave break opened recently just on the edge of roadbed in the middle of the road from Oymapinar to Yaylaalan

Tirkiler vaucluse

Tirkiler karst spring source water from Yaylaalan plateau. It functions only in rainy periods. In dry time it is a cave entrance. Short inclined well goes down for about 5m, then hiding around the bennd.

Please, see the Map for details.

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Manavgat, Yaylaalan, yayla settlment, 43.4km (one way)

Radial trip 87km there and back. Include nearly constant 30km climb starting after first 13km flat and hills. At the same point suberbs and agricultural areas end, giving way to pine forest which thins out partially at last 5km before the top. Highest point is 1169m, which means it could be extensive difference in weather conditions there in comparison to the coast. All the way is asphalt of various conditions, mainly good to medium. There are at least three water sources along the upper half of the way to the top and a shop in Yaylaalan (please see the Map). Descending please treat shepherd dogs seriously since they are in office.

Please, see the Map for details.

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Manavgat, Gebece, 90.8km

Serious round trip of 90km and +2500m total ascend. Includes asphalt, gravel and unpaved doubletrails.

Please, see the Map for details.

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More references on history and ethnography of Side-Manavgat region