La Palma, Canarias

Notes on closed and opened areas in 2021 eruption zone

Update from on 21-02-2022

General status updated information and the road map after the volcanic eruption ended two months ago:

· The current situation on the island is normal.

· The health situation related to COVID/Corona is of low incidence.

· Airport, port, schools, shops, restaurants and medical centers are operating normally.

In reference to the volcanic emergency

The vast majority of the volcano's ash has been deposited in the southern area of ​​the lava flows.

The northern flow of the volcano that runs from El Paso to Los Llanos, to Tazacorte and ends in the ocean does not present any danger.

The southern area of ​​the volcanic lava, in addition to a lot of volcanic ash, there are many toxic gases dangerous for life in La Bonilla and this influences the tourist town of Puerto Naos. For security reasons, the entire coastal area of ​​La Bombilla, Puerto Naos, Charco Verde and El Remo has access restrictions until an undetermined date. are opening paths through the lava that connect El Paso, Los Llanos and Tazacorte again with the tourist town of Puerto Naos. It's a dangerous job on fresh lava and they're taking a lot of precautions. Beneath the surface of the lava are high temperatures and perhaps hidden holes that can collapse.

They are already studying places to install viewpoints closer to the lava and the volcanic cone.

The tourist accommodation on the island is operating normally, except for those destroyed by the volcano and those affected by the gases in Puerto Naos, Charco Verde, La Bombilla and El Remo.

Most of the trails are open, except those near the volcanic cone and the great volcano route.

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