Ilya Romashkov


Specialty: Ratrack/Snowcat Operator, Snowgrooming Trailer Equipment Operator, Snowmobile Operator

Also related: Round-year maintenance of recreational trails, Maintenance of MTB trails

Name: Ilya Romashkov

Born: March, 7, 1967 (55 y.o.)

Marital status: Married, two adult children

Location: Moscow, Russia / Barcelona, Spain

Education: MS in Applied Physics and Mathematics

Languages: Russian (native), English (fluent), Espanol (Basics)

Contacts:,, +7(916)9355159 (Whatsapp),

Industries: Leisure Travel and Tourism, Recreational Facilities and Services, Computer Software, Outsourcing/Offshoring


I am a snowgrooming specialist, mountain lover, sports competition organizer, ethnography and local history enthusiast indoctrinated into Sustainable Tourism ideas. I have years of professional, volunteer and personal experience in this area through various locations. Learning the best international practices related to that has always been of great interest to me.

Leisure and Recreation was not the first industry I have got a career path in. Prior to that I passed a long and extensive way in Information Technologies. I have a strong management background and international business experience working for 25 years in Software Development and Outsourcing/Offshoring industries. I was managing professional services, provided to a number of international, European, and American companies in various roles, such as Director of Engineering, Program Manager, Key Account Manager and General Manager of a local branch of an international company in Russia, etc.

Ski track maintenance experience

During the recent 10 years I have gained experience in track maintenance for Nordic skiing in various locations in Russia. This period includes following allocations in particular.


Two full skiing seasons of Snowgrooming as a Ratrack Operator at Odintsovo City Park of Culture, Sports and Recreation (, Russia, Moscow region.

Odintsovo Park is a municipal organization that maintains sport and recreational infrastructure in various locations near Moscow.

My regular scope of work was snowgrooming of 18km of ski runs in total, including: ski stadium start/finish zone (square 0.5ha), 6km ski-roller loop (8-10m wide, hilly terrain), 3km training loop (4-6m wide, complicated hilly terrain), 4km recreational loop, 2km Eco-trail and about 3km of connection sections. The Park ski runs provide multiple use cases: recreational skiing, professional ski training, training for kids, amateur and semi-professional ski races in various formats. Because of its very intensive load the site requires daily maintenance. Total nightly grooming mileage of about 35-45km, depending on the current weather conditions and target course configuration.

My occupation with Odintsovo Park also includes part-time work in the role of the Shift Supervisor in Snowmaking during the early winter periods. My zone of responsibility includes following functions: to manage a small team of 2-3 technicians in the field, to control stationary pumping equipment and working parameters of the main water supply line, to control commutations on temporary high-power lines and continuous operation of mobile power generation equipment, to control set up and switching operations on temporary water supply lines, to control moving, positioning and tuning of snowguns along the ski route during night shifts.

Also as Ski Course Leader I regularly work as a part of the jury team during ski races in Odintsovo Park. This occupation is also part time. My duty is to manage the group of Course Controllers during the race.


5 years of year-round maintenance on one of the most popular public ski tracks in the Moscow region - Romashkovo Ski Runs (, now in the role of Board Member of the Ski Club Romashkovo. In this role I carry out a wide number of responsibilities. This includes: interacting with the sport community, performing snowgrooming, coordinating volunteer teams, organizing sport events, etc…

Ski Club Romashkovo is a public organization that maintains one of the most popular training ski tracks, Romashkovo Ski Runs, located in the Moscow region, Russia. The Club is a non-profit organization. It acts to accumulate volunteer's efforts and donations and spend them to maintain a "purely public and independent ski track".

During the summer season Ski Club Romashkovo maintains a set of MTB sections and the cyclocross loop. The Club hosts various cycling events, sport orienteering, trail running and multisport competitions.

Romashkovo Ski Runs maintain about 25km of interconnected ski loops providing various riding conditions in the range from recreational entertainment to highly intensive survival ski race training across complex terrain. Romashkovo Ski Runs hosts a number of well known traditional ski races, both mass start and TT, freestyle and classic, and is very popular in the Moscow region.

Romashkovo Ski Club runs year-round maintenance of all the tracks with the help of the community of volunteers. On the other hand, in winter the snowgrooming works are performed on a professional basis. There is a small team of specialists that operate equipment and do snowgrooming in the complicated hilly terrain. I am happy to be a part of that team for 5 years. I acquired a great portion of my snow expertise here, including work with trailing equipment and an ability to operate a snowcat with grace.

Other relevant Sports & Recreation experience


For two seasons at Elbrus World Race (now Alpindustria Elbrus Race) I was responsible for development and maintenance of the course of the Race in the position of Course Director.

Elbrus World Race is the international trail running yearly event in the region of Elbrus mountain 5642m, Caucasus mountains, Russia with 10 years history and about 2000 participants yearly.

My responsibility was to maintain, update and keep course documentation (80km of the race tracks, 5 various loops in really wild mountain terrain at altitudes between 1500m and 3700m), to participate in design and testing (in the field) of new sections of the course, to create and keep Course-marking Guidebook, to manage the Course-marking Team of volunteers during the preparation of the Race and to manage Race Marshals during the Race.


Since 2019 up to now I have played the role of the Mastermind, Chief Referee and the Designer of Race Course for Romashkovo Cyclocross Series (,

Romashkovo Cyclocross Series is a seasonal set (2-3 starts within one cycling season) of amateur cyclocross/gravel races, running under the patronage of Ski Club Romashkovo, Moscow region, Russia.

Being a board member at the Ski Club Romashkovo, my challenge was to "infect" colleagues at the ski club with the idea of maintaining the cyclocross loop and hosting the series of regular demi-season sport events. Next step was to design the race loop and build new cyclocross sections based on existing ski runs. I also coordinated the efforts to start a racers community from scratch, planned and announced Race Calendar, etc…

General business experience

For more than 20 years I had a pleasure to provide services to and manage relations with a long list of western companies, including the worldwide known brands like:

  • KLA, Microelectronics

  • Cadence Design Systems, Microelectronics

  • Synopsys, Inc., Microelectronics

  • GE Money Bank (subsidiary of GE Capital), Banking and Finance

  • London Bridge Software Holdings, UK (now acquired by Fair Isaac Corporation, Inc.), Finance

  • L+T Informatica, BV (later acquired by PinkRoccade and CSI Canada), Municipal Automation

The scope of my work was managing software design and research teams of various sizes that provide professional services and perform projects for the Clients of the list above and more. This provided me with great experience of cooperation in multicultural, distributed and heterogeneous working environments and business models, including the offshore/outsourcing model.

Membership in professional associations, public organizations and other social activities

I am a member of the Council of the national public organization The Ski Tracks Maintenance Association. It integrates ski clubs, opinion leaders and sportspeople in their efforts to protect and develop tracks for cross country skiing in Russia.

I am a Board Member at Ski Club Romashkovo ( - a public organization that maintains one of the most popular training ski tracks in the Moscow region, Russia.

I participate in the team of moderators of the public non-commercial geomonitoring resource (,, This resource (a combination of website, social network and Telegram bot, all working together) provides a social monitoring of the current conditions on most popular ski runs in the central region of Russia.

Now I am taking part in the small team starting a new social geomonitoring project ( The idea of the project is to integrate the community, interested in collecting and sharing of the real time information about current conditions of natural water springs and public water sources that have essential social importance.

Other notes

The list of my favorite sports and recreational activities that I practice regularly: trail running, Nordic skiing, sport orienteering, roganing, mountain bike, cyclocross and road race cycling, velodrome cycling, mountaineering, whitewater tourism, raw skating, swimming.

The list of my non-sport areas of interest: ethnography, local culture and history, geography and geomorphology, geoinformatics and social geomonitoring systems.

I maintain my personal website, devoted to outdoor activities, traveling, ethnographic tourism and amateur sport competitions organization: (since 2020).