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Summary of the trip March, 14-18 2024 


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Sightseeing locations

Reykjavik city and around

Þingvellir national park

Lava fields, endless moss carpet, dwarf birch, spruces, tectonic cracks, lakes, creecks and waterfalls


Equipped tourist point on the geothermal location with multiple hot springs. The English word "geyser" derives from the name Geysir. The name Geysir itself is derived from the Icelandic verb "geysa" (means - to go quickly forward). 

Gullfoss waterfall 

Fluda Sveppir farmers bistro

The mushroom restaurant

Geothermal Park Hveragerði / Hveragarðurinn and Reykjadalur thermal valley

A fenced-off geothermal area inside the town has numerous hot springs and fumaroles. The geothermal station is also situated on the territory of the park.

Brimketill point

Ocean viewpoint and the lava rock pool

Active volcanism observations near Sundhnúkur crater row 17/3/2024

Sundhnúkur crater row eruption panorama. March 16-17 2024, initial stage development.

Lava flows propagation as of March 17 2024

Svantsengi Eruption Hazard as of March 12th, 2024 

Dike propagation vs eruption process development retrospection within the Sundhnúkur crater row

What is going on inside the crust under Sundhnúkur crater row

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More locationas to see in Iceland

Jökulsárlón lagoon. The lake beneath glacier 

Svartifoss. "Black waterfall" 

Reynisfjara. Black sand beach

Seljalandsfoss. 70m waterfall

Vestmannaeyjar. Islands and puffins

Kirkjufellsfossar waterfalls